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Meet Rocket,
the Chinese

Do you ever dream of getting a young dog who's already potty trained and crate trained
as well as socialized with children and other pets? A dog that's already on a great
schedule and accustomed to a busy family life? A dog that has all his shots and is current
on preventative care as well as neutered? A dog that you have to do nothing with except
Look no further!
Rocket is 10 months old, current on all his preventative care, neutered and has been
professionally potty trained as well as crate trained.  He can be shipped nationwide.
For more information on Rocket, and to be considered for adoption, please

*All our puppies are raised in our house being handled by children daily.  They are crate
trained, kept current on preventative care and well socialized.

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Rocket is a super sweet, purebred
Chinese Crested. He is 10 months old
and has been through professional
potty and crate training.
He is well socialized with other pets
and children. He is wonderful with kids,
especially babies and toddlers. He is
very submissive with other dogs, so he
would get along great with an older,
dominant dog.
He's quiet and well-mannered and
would love to be someone's lap dog.
He currently weighs about 10 pounds.
He is current on all his preventative
care and is neutered. Rocket is a
"non-shedding" dog breed and
typically good for people with allergies.
Rocket's family had a baby born
prematurely and face many months of
time spent in the hospital, so they
desire to find a home where Rocket
can be loved and appreciated while
they experience this diffcult time.