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Frequently Asked

Why are Deposits Non-Refundable?

When you place a deposit on a puppy, I stop advertising that puppy. While your deposit is
holding the puppy, other people aren't given a chance to buy that puppy because it is being
held exclusively for you.

If you decide you no longer want the puppy, I have to spend lots of time re-listing and
advertising and trying to re-sell the puppy.

As puppies get older, it is harder to sell them. People who are in the market for a new
puppy are generally looking for a young puppy. If you have been holding the puppy and it
has gotten older, it will be harder for me to sell the puppy quickly and at the original price.

Any way you look at it, I lose time and money when someone backs out of a deal, so that is
why deposits are non-refundable.

If circumstances arrive and make it impossible for you to buy the puppy - job loss, illness,
family/marital problems, housing issues, etc., or you decide you do not want the puppy for
any reason, you can always use the deposit for another puppy at a later date.

I try to be flexible, understanding and helpful in all situations!

Why did the Price of the Puppies Change?

We price our puppies according to the current market value and based on their size, sex,
age and coloring.  If sales are sluggish, we may lower prices at any time.  When you choose
your puppy, agree to its price and sign the Deposit Contract, you have entered into a
binding agreement. You have paid for the opportunity of having first pick of the puppies
who are available.  You may pay a higher price if you pick from the litter early on.  You are
welcome to take a chance and wait to see if the prices drop, but you take a chance on not
getting a puppy or getting one that isn't the exact color, sex or disposition you are looking
for. We do not negotiate prices after a puppy has had a deposit placed on him/her and
the Deposit Contract has been signed. We will not refund any money or give any discounts
because other puppies’ prices have been lowered.

Why Don't You Offer a One Year Guarantee?

The way dogs are cared for, the quality of their food, vet care and level of environmental
stress all affect how healthy they are. We cannot be sure how a puppy is going to be
cared for when they leave us - if they will be fed correctly, taken to the vet and receive
preventative care, etc. For that reason, we do not offer long term health guarantees. We
do guarantee that your puppy will be healthy upon pick up and current on all vaccinations,
de-worming and vet care. You can rest assured that your puppy is bred from healthy and
hereditarily sound parentage. We give them the best start possible and then it is up to you
to make sure your puppy receives the best care and food to ensure a long, healthy life.

Why is Shipping so Expensive?

When we ship a puppy, the following things are required:
Shipping Crate, food and absorbent bedding
Vet Exam and Health Certificate
Age Appropriate Vaccinations
Flight Booking (flat rate plus weight and fuel surcharges)

Our cost for shipping includes the crate, flight, all pertinent paper work and vet visit, our
time and fuel for driving to the airport. (1 1/2 hours away)
With fuel surcharges and recent price hikes  from the airlines, flights have gotten more
expensive. Our price for shipping is calculated with all these factors added in.

Please email with any questions.