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Kanine Kisses
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Potty and
Crate Training
Boot Camp
Kanine Kisses
with Your New Fur-Baby?

We are conveniently located just 30 miles NW of Fort Worth
and 30 short minutes west of the Keller/Southlake/Colleyville
area. We live on 5 beautifully treed acres. It's worth the drive
out here!

Who is Potty and Crate training boot camp for?
Any dogs and puppies at least 12 weeks old who are
current on vaccinations and preventative veterinary
care and are not aggressive.
The prime age to begin potty training is 8-12 weeks
of age and our program begins extensive training at
12 weeks when puppies are physically able to control
their bladder and bowels and have increased
coordination making trips in and out much easier.

How does it work?
You drop your puppy off at our house and we do the
rest! A typical puppy will spend three weeks with us
at our house.
You bring their crate, food and toys with them. They
live with us in our house with our three children and
other trained pets and are immersed in 24 hour potty
and crate training as well as socialization with
children and other pets.
The puppies receive concentrated work on potty
training, crate training and socialization. They also
work on general house manners, to come when called
and go to their crate when asked.
They are set up on a consistent routine and come
back to you with better manners and a strong
foundation in potty training and crate training.
We have several well-trained adult dogs whom we call
"pilot dogs" who guide the puppies in potty training.
The pilot dogs know exactly what they are supposed
to do and are very obedient. They assist us with potty
training by leading the puppies and setting the
example of what to do and how to obey. The pilot
dogs are priceless with regard to potty training
puppies. We couldn't do our job without them!

Who will your babies be hanging out with?
We are a home-school family and are home with our
little potty trainers 24-7. They are carefully watched
over and protected while at our home. They are loved
and treated like family, staying in our kitchen and
living areas with us.
We only accept 2-3 puppies at a time for Potty
Training. That way, we are able to pay closer one on
one attention and maximize the training and
interaction received by each puppy.

How much is it?
It's affordable!
We charge a weekly fee of $175 or a monthly fee of
$650 for this service.
We recommend at least 3 weeks of training to have the
most successful outcome but you are welcome to bring
your puppy for the amount of time you feel necessary.
We offer a $50 discount for a full training course to
customers who have purchased a puppy from us.

What do I do when I get my puppy home?
Do not fear! We send you home with tons of support
documents filled with valuable training tips and an outline
of exactly what methods we use and what schedule we
follow. You can use the information to continue what your
puppy has learned while at our home!
We will offer ongoing personal support as well via email.
If you would like detailed information on our schedule
and method, please

What's Required?
Just like any boarding or training facility, your dog or
puppy must be current on all vaccinations and
preventative care.
We require veterinary proof of vaccinations before we
will accept your pet for care. You can mail them, scan and
email or have your vet's office fax or email them to me.
Dogs and puppies cannot have had a vaccine within 2
weeks of coming to our house. Animals shed vaccines in
their stool for up to 14 days and can infect young puppies
who come in contact with it.

What type of experience do we have?
We have owned and operated a family run kennel for 10
years. We raise Puggle puppies and currently run a hobby
We have 20 years of pet ownership experience and are
home each and everyday with our pets, dogs and puppies.
We currently have dogs and puppies, horses, pygmy goats,
Hampshire pigs, a potbelly pig, ducks, geese and a bunch
of chickens.
Jesi has worked in the pet industry in some way for over
20 years. She was pre-vet in college and worked in pet
shelters and shadowed vets on a regular basis.

Want more info?
Please email us for more information.