Kanine Kisses  Chloe's

Meet Chloe and Dozer's Puggle puppies!
Very smart, great family dogs!  
*They were born August 30th, 2018 and will be ready to go home with you around mid
October.  These puppies will be an estimated 15-20 pounds at maturity.

*All our puppies are raised in our house being handled by children daily.  They are crate
trained, kept current on preventative care and well socialized.

*They can be American Canine Hybrid Club registered from a lemon AKC registered
female beagle and an AKC registered fawn male pug, if requested at purchase.

Please see the following link for more information on
deposits and holding a puppy.
email with any questions.
Scroll Down for info and pictures of each puppy!
Please be aware:
Pictures make puppies look larger
than they really are!
Please look at estimated mature  and
picture references for a better idea
of size.
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Meet Ellie
Female Fawn and White
Parti Puggle

Please ignore the bump on my head. I
had a fight with the agave plant and it
won. :(

Meet Evangeline
Female Fawn Puggle

Meet Elliot
Male Fawn and White
Parti Puggle

Meet Ezra
Male Fawn and White
Parti Puggle

Meet Emily
Female Fawn Puggle

Meet Evan
Male Fawn Puggle, white