Kanine Kisses ~ Here's What They're

Hello there,
I'm not sure if you will remember us. We adopted Tucker from you guys when he was 10 months old.....
and today he is 10!!!!!
Today is Tucker's 10th birthday and I just wanted to send you an update and a thank you. He is doing
great. He is a wonderful, snugly, and gentle guy who is great with our two young boys. He is our 4 year
olds best buddy and we often find them cuddled up together just hanging out.
Besides a little extra weight he is in great health. He had a large lipoma removed along with a few teeth
last year which was the only procedure he has needed in 10 years. We still refer to him as "Tucker from
Texas" and laugh about him running out of his crate and directly through the screen door the moment we
brought him home. He is smart, stubborn and a chow hound! We now live on a larger property where he
chases the squirrels and naps in the sunshine.
We love Tucker. Thank you for adopting him to us after he was returned to you so many years ago. It was
meant to be!
Best wishes,
Candice, Tucker & Family


I bought one of your Schnorkies at the first of July.  I wanted to give you an update.  He is doing great.  
Very healthy.  He weighs seven pounds and his coloring has not changed.  I have a friend with a digital
camera and I will try to get pictures to you in the near future.  He has LOTS and LOTS of personality.  He
loves to give kisses and play.  He thinks he is alot bigger than he really is so that is funny.  Hope all is
going well with your family.

Janine (Texas)

Dave and Jesi,

Thanks again for allowing us to take home one of your Schnauzers.  We decided to name her Lillie
Louise.  Our family and friends have all fallen in love with her.  She visited our vet (Dr. Knapp) today and
she is doing great.  He mentioned that he was familiar with you and had heard only good things about
your dogs. He says that she is in great health and has a strong heart.  She seems to have assimilated
into our family very well, but our other Schnauzer and Great Dane aren’t quite sure what to make of her.
She likes to play with them, but they are a little guarded about playing with her, probably her size. We’ll
forward pictures of her as she develops.

We couldn’t be happier,
Marc & Jill  (Texas)

Hello Jesi--
This is Mandy and Jonathan - we bought your black female with one white paw.
Just wanted you to know things are going great.  She has a big personality and she and Bella play non-
stop.  Here are a couple of pics from her first couple days at home.  We will keep you posted every once
in a while as to how she is doing.  thanks!  we love our new dog.

Mandy and Jonathan (Texas)

I just wanted you both to know how much we are enjoying our little bundle of energy. The first night was,
of course, the hardest. She woke up 4 times and cried and it was all I could do not to go take her out of
her crate, but I knew that would only make matters worse. On the second night, she woke twice and cried
but not as long, and on the third night, she slept all night or at least if she woke up, she didn't cry. On
Monday, she went to the vet for a check up and got a clean bill of health. I think the fact that you had the
puppies crate trained has made getting her used to one here a lot easier.

Here are several pictures that I've taken - thought you might enjoy them.

Marty  (Texas)


Just wanted to send you some pics of Bella.  These are from right after we got her from yall, but I am just
now getting them uploaded on my computer.
She is doing great and very very active and spoiled!!

We did end up taking her to the vet after we got her and she had a clean bill of health.  She is getting so
big and pretty good about using the bathroom outside!!!

Have a great weekend!

Missy (Texas)

Good Morning Dave and Jesi,

I recently purchased a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy from your last litter and I just thought you would like an
update on how she is doing.  

Libby is happy and sassy.  She has proven that she is the boss of her brother Jake (a blue healer).  
Happily, they are both happy and full of energy.  She has learned to sit, stay, speak, go lay down, no, fetch
and sass (the sass part was an extra bonus that occurs when she is impatient or irritated).  She is a very
independant and playful puppy who has almost figured out the whole pottie training thing.  Our vet
suspects that she will be small weighing in at 6lbs on her 4month check up.  Her favorite toys are
whatever Jake is chewing on at the time and she has proven that she has a set of lungs on her.  We have
been working with her on playing quietly and with Jakes naturally quiet nature she has caught on that you
can have fun without letting the world know just how much fun you are having.  She has had all sorts of
fun in the yard learning how to dig little holes around our porch but, she has started to realize all her hard
work goes to waste when I give her a bath to get the mud and dirt off.  Now the fun thing to do is to find
the biggest toy in the yard and carry it around and taunt Jake with it.  Or to take one toy after another out of
the toy basket until she has them all out.

They have both been great for each other and as strange as the match appeared to be they are both very
intelligent and happy together.  You will frequently see both of them cuddled up together sleeping.  Libby
loves to take Jakes toys and chews no matter how big they are.  She has a great personality but, she's a
little too ADD yet to settle down for long and cuddle.

Thank you for such a great puppy

Amber and Clayton Douglas

On April 20th I bought the little runt girl boxer from yall.  She will be 6 month old next month on the 4th and
I just wanted to drop yall an email saying she is healthy, spaz-tacfully entertaining and I enjoy her more
than anything!!! My parents loved her so much they decided to become 1st time boxer owners with me!!  
We wanted to buy one of her siblings, but yall sold out of them sooo fast! Anywho, I just wanted to write
and let you know thank you for Shelby and she's spoiled absolutely rotten!!!
Shelby (on the right) 4mos and Harley (haha my parents) is the little one! She weighs 32lbs now.



Can’t remember if I told you that we decided to name our boy “Nitro”.  It seems to suit him since he has
so much energy.   He is absolutely adorable. Thanks again for our puppy!  You did a great job with him!

Catherine (Canada)


The puppy is doing great!  Checkup went well yesterday.  She’s healthy and definitely
making herself at home, getting into plenty of trouble.  My wife was pleasantly surprised at
the airport yesterday and is taking “Dudley” on all of her errands today.  Thanks so much,

Don (Texas)

Oh my goodness.  We had the best experience dealing with Jesi at Kanine Kisses.  We
love our pup and she came to us so healthy and obviously  happy and stable emotionally.  
She is such a great addition to our family and Jesi made the transition very smooth.  Yes, I
would highly recommend Kanine Kisses.  -Donna and Katey Henry

Hi Jessie!

I just wanted to share a few pictures of Bailee with you.  She is getting so big and is almost
potty(house) trained now!!!! She is the best dog I have ever had and I don't know what I
would do without her now.  She is about 8 pounds now and full of energy, but she still
snuggles with her mommy and I wouldn't trade that for anything =-) Thanks so much for
everything and I will continue to send pictures once in while.

Katey Henry (TX)


This is Cole Steffek. I wanted to share some photos of our puppy that
we got from you. She is 5 months old now. The first photo is from
when we first got her in November. She weighs about 14 lbs.


Cole & Leigh Steffek

We wanted to thank you again for our beautiful Blossom.  We love her.  Puppies just do
not come any cuter than this.  Her personality is made of a little bit sugar and a little bit
spice.  Here is a picture of her.  She has grown since this picture was taken, so as soon as
possible a will send an updated picture.  In the future we would like to adopt another puppy
from you.  Take care until next then.  Laura of Sweet N' Sassy Schnauzers (Texas)

All I can say is - awesome. Everything worked out really well, I personally spoke to Jesi on
many occasions, my puppy Roxy was extremely well behaved, awesome personality, she
has great health, and after I bought her, I had a few puppy related questions which Jesi
was really helpful with. I highly recommend them!

Tara (Massachusetts)