Welcome to Kanine Kisses!
Below are a few guidelines, suggestions and requirements for
buying a puppy and visiting our home and dogs.  We ask that
each person who buys a puppy or wishes to come to our home
read this page.
We are not responsible for any problems caused by your
failing to read this page thoroughly.
Thank you for your help and consideration!

1.   At the recommendation of our vet, we no longer allow people to
freely tour our kennel and puppy nursery area. Due to the elevated
risk of canine diseases such as parvovirus being spread, we have
decided to try and eliminate most of the risk by only allowing people
in certain areas. We do allow people to view our puppy nursery
through a glass door.

2.  For the protection of our pets and puppies, we ask that you let us
know if you have recently visited another kennel, breeder or pet
store or handled other puppies. We may ask you to dip the soles of
your shoes in bleach water to clean them before entering our home as
well as wash your hands before handling puppies.

PLEASE notify us if you have recently had a puppy become ill or
die of parvovirus or any other canine disease in your home. In most
cases, you must wait at least 30 days and do intensive cleaning before
purchasing another puppy. This is for your protection and ours.

Please do not bring your current pets with you to our home.
We understand that you would like to see the puppies interact with
your dog or cat, but due to the risk involved, we simply cannot allow it.

5.   Please note that any deposits or payments made to Kanine Kisses
are non-refundable.  There are no exceptions to this rule. Please see
deposits page for more information and our deposit contract.

6.  Please read our
canine illnesses page so that you are aware of
common problems and diseases that puppies and their new owners
may face.

7.  Please read our
new puppy info page for helpful tips on your new

Thank you for your time! We look forward to meeting you!